“Our genuine bottled Spring Water is sourced at the spring, high up in the pristine sandstone hills of Central New South Wales.

The Spring Water has been filtered naturally by nature through the sandstone rock over time, to produce the highest quality Spring Water you will find. Our bottled Spring water is free of chemicals, heavy metals, and other solids found in tap water, yet it retains the necessary minerals needed for your body to perform at its very best every day. Not all water is the same. Just think for a moment what chemicals are used to get your drinking water from a muddy dam, to the water that generally comes out clear from your tap? In what state of decay, & how clean, are the inside of the pipes that get the water to you? All those heavy metals inside the pipes, & chemicals used in the process, are going in your body.

If you genuinely want a healthier alternative, switch to spring water at your home or office, and taste the difference.”


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